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Dealing with Fear and Anxiety
Date Added: March 03, 2011 06:45:46 PM | Author: Deques Web Directory | Category: Health
Fear and anxiety are healthy occurrences in life as they are considered as adaptive responses to confront threatening situations. They serve as a warning to an individual to prepare for an impending threat. Living a life without fear or anxiety is also impossible. However, if it is always present in our everyday, it becomes debilitating as it interferes with how we live a fulfilling life. It is very important then to know how to deal with them.

First is to know the things that make you fearful whether objects, people or merely ideas. Make a list of them starting from the top most that causes you fear and understand why you are frightened with it. Understanding may help you come up with a solution to combat that particular fear of that certain thing. If you cannot do it alone, you can have a friend who understands your problem of fear and anxiety. This is to help you sort things out together. You should not let fear over power you.

Another is to be open of how you feel about people, objects, situations and ideas. If there is something that you fear about, it is a good idea to tell it to friends or family members. This is to solicit suggestions from them. For example if you are so much frightened with a picture of a spider but not with the actual spider, there might be people whom you have confided suggest reconditioning remedies for it.

Exploring yourself may help too. You might be the one frightening and causing anxiety to yourself. If you fear and feel anxious with the question “what if”, you have to tell yourself you are not alone with those what if questions. Dismiss the idea with "so what". This is to stop adding to fear and anxiety you are feeling. You will find out your fear and anxiety will soon fade with this coping strategy.

If you find these strategies not effective for you, it is best to seek professional help. They are the best people to consider as they are expert in this kind of problem. Psychiatrists and psychologists have test to determine the level of your fear and anxiety. They also are equipped with the appropriate strategies to help you deal with your fear and anxiety.

Fear and anxiety are not dangerous if they are dealt with effectively. Coping strategies all depends on how you deliver it.