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Four Things Women Want from Men during Sex
Date Added: February 11, 2012 02:11:43 PM | Author: Deques Web Directory | Category: Society: Sexuality
Even before the sex begins, men know what they want and they try to reach the sex even before the woman is ready. Women on the other hand don’t want to rush to the actual sex, as they are quite gentle to the touch and want to be caressed and taken care for. Most men skip on the most important part during sex, which is foreplay and it just comes back to bite them in the butt. Even if the sex is bad, your foreplay would leave a better impression on any women, but that is if you do it right.

Longer Foreplay: Woman love to foreplay as it sets in the mood for them. Knowing how to start and where to take it is very important for the man. Foreplay consists of light touching, kissing and caressing of her body. This includes all her sexual spots including her breasts. Many men love breasts and simply jump to wreck it, but it should be handled with soft hands. Light kissing, caressing and sucking is acceptable on her breasts. If you feel that she is a little hesitant when it comes to you playing with her breasts, you should probably take it a step back. Focus on running your hands up her body from her legs, thighs, back and up to her neck. The professional company shadow provides all the information on politician reviews.

Giving Her Everything: Talk to your partner and see what she loves and what she hates, as it could help you in giving her that dream orgasm. If you don’t communicate, it’s going to be leave you stranded without knowing what to do next. Touching her in places she wants to get touched and kissing her in places where she wants to get kissed is all about communication. Similarly, she will want to know what you love as well, so tell her even if she doesn’t ask you. However, knowing her limits, don’t ask for something that you know she is going to be uncomfortable with.

Extended Sexual Intensity: During sex, don’t try to rush things as woman want to take it slow. By taking it slow, it will extend the sexual intensity causing her to have an even better orgasm. Making the whole session all the more memorable should be your goal, as women really remember the memorable sexual moments in their lives. While you are having sex, you still engage in kissing and caressing motions, letting her know that you are still loving and not a sex hungry man.

End with Sexual Contact: Once it’s over, don’t just get up and stretch. It will turn you off and probably even stop you from having sex with her again. Keep your women right by you and hug her and still focus on the foreplay, keeping it to a minimum. Cuddle with your woman, kiss her and let her know you love her. By getting up and leaving or simply falling asleep will just turn off any further sexual action on your part. If you are not living with her, be a man, and stay over with her and wake up with her in the morning. Leaving will leave her feeling as if she was used for sex. Making sure to give a woman what we discussed will assure you another great sexual encounter.