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How to Capture a UFO on Tape?
Date Added: March 13, 2011 03:58:32 PM | Author: Deques Web Directory | Category: Society: Paranormal
If you enter the word UFO into the YouTube search box you will find countless footage of so-called true or authentic UFO sightings. However, when you watch most of those videos you will also notice the very poor image quality of the alleged alien visitors. There are numerous reasons for that. One reason can be that the author does not want to reveal the true nature of an object (e.g a bird or an airplane) in order to make the spectator believe that it was indeed ET. But for the most part the reasons are technical in nature and this is the topic we want to discuss here.

As most objects are observed in the sky at a great distance the image often turns out to be out of focus. Hence it is necessary to turn off the auto-focus function of your camera in order to prevent it from not being able to detect the correct distance of the object what often results in blurring. Then you have to adjust manually your focus to infinite. Now your camera will deliver a sharp image of your distant UFO. Another important issue is brightness. Most sightings are made at night. Thus the footage often ends up being too dark or it lacks contrast. This means that you will have to adjust the exposure level of your camera in a way that will allow you to brighten your UFO or make it visible in the first place. If the object is moving then it's a bit more tricky as an increase in exposure time will cause distortions as the object moves. Here it is necessary to reduce brightness a bit again so that it is possible to get a clear image.

Should ET choose to stay for a little bit longer you may have time to install your camera on a tripod instead of holding it in your hand which can cause a lot of shaking. The tripod will reduce or even completely eliminate any vibrations. This way you will get a very sharp and steady picture and it allows you to zoom in on the UFO without big effort. Should the object come closer and contours become visible you may turn on the auto-focus of your camera again.

So if you keep in mind those tips and tricks all you need is get a UFO in front of your lens. Allegedly UFO hot spots are near nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons storage facilities. They are also said to appear frequently at ancient cult sites. But you may only find out if it's true by checking it for yourself!